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the thinking reed

well, usually thinking... but not thinking usual things.

A closet writer for nearly 40 years I am now throwing all the pieces in the air to follow my passion.

I have worked as a web solutions professional for nearly 20 years, and lived as a geek for all of my nearly 50. I've lived in fantasy realms and I've lived in reality. After 20 years in reality I have decided that I like fantasy better. And so I will share my travels with anyone who cares to take a break from reality.

On a more realistic note I have a Masters in International Policy, degrees in Chemistry, Russian Lit, and Economics. I also have an intense interest in environmental, mental health and social issues. I have been published in SCA Today, Crossfit websites, Write for Healing, and various newspapers.
a&s, aethelmearc, bicycle touring, biking, dominion of myrkfaelinn, embroidery, garb, history, hyper-insulinemia, linen, myrkfaelinn, pennsic, pre-1600 clothing, pre-1600 history, punto tagliato, ragnesfolke, regnesfolke, sca, sewing