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Idea to help Research

Quick question to the peeps. (And my apologies for Cross-posting)

One thing I have been thinking is this: How helpful could it be to have a convention of placing the phrase "sca research" into the meta tags of web pages that contain sca related research? I think the answer is, quite helpful.

I did a little research using Google. Below are the results of a quick and dirty survey of sites found through Google and the associated terms...

about 8,510 for "sca research"
about 4,770,000 for sca research
about 4,470,000 for +sca +research
about 202,000 for +sca +research clothing
about 75,600 for +sca +research history
about 942,000 for +sca +research armor

You see there is an abrupt jump between 8K using the phrase "sca research" and to over 4M for not placing things in a phrase. And the applicability of the phrase based returns is immensely better. Less wading through thousands of pages you don't need.

Tags: research, sca, sca research
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