Too Cute to Live

Wow... so old.

Is anyone still out there in LJ land?  
Oh. The Russian time stamp is interesting.
I've just had a reason to step back in time a bit so thought I would take a look here. Well done to LJ — it outlasted G+. I wouldn't have bet on that.

Bueller?  Bueller? 


Very Long Time no post

Still here.  Many, many changes.

Have a blog these days.  if you care to wander over.

No longer in NY.  Moved down to VA.

Trying to make a living as a writer.  Hence, I am mining all my old LJ posts for ideas, memories, previous gems.

Hope you are all doing well.

I'll try to drop by more frequently.




This thing on?

Testing 1, 2, 3.

Wow. Take a break for a few <cough> years </cough>
and everything changes. Good grief. They even changed the bloomin' wallpaper. And the entry. Oy?

Who let the set designers from Sweeney Todd in on that?

Readers Digest version

Hi folks.

Long time, no write. Things they have been happening, fast, furious and far too long. Here is the readers digest version of what has been going on.

I'm not at Cornell anymore. I'm now down in Virginia. I'm working with the Roanoke Times.
Mike and I wanted to be closer to the family, both his and mine.

We've had some changes in the family too. Red, my standard poodle, died in September. And Bath, our geriatric cat, died on Thursday. But we do have the addition of a new standard poodle puppy just a couple of weeks ago. His name is Hudson, and he's a parti color standard, black and white.

And there is lots more, but that's the short version. There's lots of work to get our little perch in order, so I'm going back to that.

Color Meme

I saw this on phialastring's journal and just had to bite. She gave me Red.
Oh. I like's me some Red. So here are ten things I love that are Red.

1. Life. Hey, life is Red. Arterial hot Red.
2. Roma Tomatoes. Also best if warm and right off the vine.
3. My Poodle. While technically no longer the color it's his name. Red.
4. Strawberries.
5. My Hair. Yeup. It's Red. (well, Strawberry Red but close enough for memeage.)
6. Silk banners snapping in the breeze.
7. My slippers. Never make it through winter without them.
8. My favorite Red Sweater... which I have now lost, and I'm pining for it. :(
9. Sunsets over the desert. Some of the most spectacular color I have ever seen.
10. The coals of a fire. warm. hearth. home. family. friends.
Laurel B

Another idea for Research

And just cause I like Timelines...
Please SCA people if you can find the motivation go take a look.
at my latest impractical idea
A word to the willing... set the scrolling ability all the way at the bottom of the little vertical bar. That's 500 years at a time. Otherwise you will never get out of the 20th century.

I would tie this together with the Gold,Silk,Wool blog that I am working for the A&S50 challenge.

And why I post these things late on a Friday afternoon I will never know. OK, you all might see this again on Monday.
Laurel B

Idea to help Research

Quick question to the peeps. (And my apologies for Cross-posting)

One thing I have been thinking is this: How helpful could it be to have a convention of placing the phrase "sca research" into the meta tags of web pages that contain sca related research? I think the answer is, quite helpful.

I did a little research using Google. Below are the results of a quick and dirty survey of sites found through Google and the associated terms...

about 8,510 for "sca research"
about 4,770,000 for sca research
about 4,470,000 for +sca +research
about 202,000 for +sca +research clothing
about 75,600 for +sca +research history
about 942,000 for +sca +research armor

You see there is an abrupt jump between 8K using the phrase "sca research" and to over 4M for not placing things in a phrase. And the applicability of the phrase based returns is immensely better. Less wading through thousands of pages you don't need.